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Our Driver app is suitable for any kind of business including minicabs, limos, chauffeur, coach, and buses. Our taxi app is a platform that will generate more rides for the drive and more commission for you. As our development team consists of dedicated and skilled Java developers, along with a better knowledge of swift technologies and objectives, we have developed appealing apps with advanced functionalities in lesser time for each platform.

Our features include

  • Accept or cancel a request
  • Notifications to the nearest driver
  • Option to call and chat with the passenger
  • Estimated time calculation of total journey
  • Flexibility to be online and offline
  • Booking History Record
  • Create invoice
  • Rate passenger

Get started now. Choose our driver app solution that helps your drivers to carry out their job efficiently.

Key Features

Grow your business with our advanced Driver App features:

1. Enter your journey details

Passenger enter the journey details like pick up and drop with pick up date and time from the locations

2. Get Estimate & Nearby drivers

Once the journey details are entered, you will see the estimate and you can get a ride by nearby drivers

3. Live Tracking of drivers

You can monitor the drivers’ way to your location with your estimate of arrival

4. Payment Gateway

Wide range of payment gateway system where you can pay for the journey and tip to your drivers

5. Rate your drivers / Passengers

Once the journey is completed, either of them can rate each other after the successful ride.

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