Dispatch System Features

Taxi Dispatch System is a need of the taxi and other transport industry in 2021. This dispatch has been a great platform for the transport industry to manage all in one platform either to manage bookings, payments, drivers, or passengers. This robust system has been implemented by many of the transport industry now to automate the bookings, drivers, or passenger accounts. In Taxi Dispatch Platform you need to have 3 categories ie Passenger App, Driver App, and Admin Dashboard. It is a complete Dispatch platform where each category has its functions from booking rides to dispatching the rides. Use our taxi dispatch system which comes with a powerful platform and is easy to use.

Passenger App

Passenger App is for the rider who would like to book new rides from one destination to drop point. Our Passenger app allows customers to request a ride with the touch of a screen. This App has own its functioning system from passenger booking rides to making the payment to rides with the platform. Our passenger app gives more features including quick registration with seamless booking with payment within the app. Booking a taxi has never been simpler with the passenger app. The intuitive app lets your customer book a taxi in seconds. The passenger app helps the user to book their taxi and make payments from anywhere. Automate your bookings and attract customers with our white label passenger app. Keep up with the competition.

Passenger App includes advanced features to provide your customers a seamless booking experience with the app.

Passenger App Features

  • Easy Registration
    Customers can register seamlessly on the app
  • Search Location
    Customers can choose to pick up and drop off points for the ride
  • Estimate Fare
    Customers get an estimate for the ride once a location is chosen
  • On-Demand Booking
    Seamless booking a ride experience to the passenger
  • Track drivers
    Passengers can track drivers of their ride on the map
  • Notification Alerts
    Customers get the real-time notification of the ride via SMS or push notification
  • Scheduling Rides
    Customers can book a ride instantly or schedule the ride for a future date and time
  • Booking History
    Customers can view the booking made
  • Booking Categories
    Customers can view the booking as active, cancelled and completed
  • Seamless payment
    Customers have multiple options and can make the payment to the driver within the app
  • Share reviews to drivers
    Customer can share their ride experience with the review after the ride is completed
  • Communication
    Communicate with driver via Chat or Call
  • Referral
    Increase customer acquisition with the referral program


Driver App

Driver App is a self-service application targeting taxi cab drivers. This app is for those who want to make money with their fleet, recoup the costs of car maintenance, or start their own transportation business. Driver App connects with the passenger for the rides customer have requested for the ride. Customers request a ride and nearby drivers accept or reject the incoming ride in the app. Our driver app gives more features including quick registration with seamless rides with receiving payment within the app. Driver app gives our riders the chance to book on the go. Key features include pre-book, track your driver, pay on a card and rate your driver.

Driver App Features

  • Easy Registration
    Drivers can register instantly with a phone, email or mobile
  • On-Demand Ride
    Drivers get the notification of new rides instantly in the app
  • Schedule Booking
    Drivers can schedule the ride for customers
  • Operator Job Assignment
    The operator can assign the drivers with the job as per the location and availability
  • Passenger Request
    Drivers can schedule the ride as per the customer request
  • Fleet Management
    A driver can add a fleet of their choice in the app for the ride to the customers
  • Geo-Fencing
    Allows the driver to accept the ride with the area they have set in the app
  • Real-time tracking
    A driver can track the passenger in real-time for the ride
  • Booking history
    The driver can view the booking history made by the passenger
  • Accept / Reject Rides
    A driver has the option to accept or reject the rides from the customers
  • Start/End Rides
    Drivers can easily start & end rides through Driver’s app with a single tap.
  • Bank Account
    Drivers can add their bank account details for the payout
  • Receive Payment
    The driver receives the payment with the app once the ride is completed
  • Income Statement
    Drivers can review the payout statement in the app
  • Communication
    Communicate with drivers and admin via SMS or call or email
  • Share review to passenger
    Driver share the review once the ride is completed
  • Earning Analytics
    A driver can review the earning status in the dashboard


Admin Dashboard

Admin Dashboard is the main control for both the driver and passenger app. Dashboard manage booking, payment, driver, and passenger as well from the back end

Admin Dashboardincludes advanced features to provide both customers and drivers experience with the app.

Admin Dashboard Features

  • Track all drivers
    The dashboard allows to manage drivers and their rides and assign the rides to drivers as per their availability
  • Track all passengers
    Manage ride requests, customer profiles, and queries right from the dashboard
  • Driver Account
    Manage all drivers’ account
  • Passenger Account
    Manage all passengers’ account
  • Partners account
    Manage partners of the booking requested from them and assign drivers to that booking
  • Manage Bookings
    The dashboard allows managing all ride requests (New/Cancelled/Completed)
  • Manage Payments
    The dashboard allows to manage driver payout and set commissions for drivers.
  • Ride Status
    Give real-time alerts to your passenger and drivers through SMS and push notification
  • Fare management
    Manage ride fares based on vehicle categories, distance, location, occasion, etc
  • Rate Management
    Admin can manage all rates including hourly, daily, location rates including additional rates like GST Tolls, Wait Time, Stop point
  • Booking Management
    Admin can manage new, canceled and completed bookings
  • Job Assignment
    Admin can assign bookings to selected or multiple drivers and track bookings
  • Discount and Promotion
    Sent push notification or SMS for the discount and promotion
  • Job Calendar
    Sync your jobs with Google Calendar or iCal Calendar
  • Communication
    Communicate between drivers, passengers, and admin
  • Real-time Job Tracking
    Track real-time for the active driver, active jobs, and requested jobs
  • Booking Quote Manager
    Manage quote received and sent for bookings
  • Invoice Manager
    Manage your booking invoice sent and received at weekly or monthly
  • Passenger Account Manager
    Manage personal or corporate customer account
  • Driver Manager
    Manage driver documents and other documents from this portal
  • Fleet Management
    Manage fleet documents and specifications under this portal

Partners Account

Dispatch Solutions have a great platform where partners can create a booking, assign a requested booking to selected drivers or bulk drivers

Partner Account Features

  • Booking request
    Partners can create a booking on the behalf of customers
  • Communication
    Partners can communicate with drivers and admin via email or SMS
  • Booking History
    Partners can view the booking history
  • Earning Statement
    Partners can view the earning analytics
  • Driver Management
    Partners can manage all drivers
  • Customers Management
    Partners can manage customers
  • Assign Booking
    Partners can assign to selected or bulk drivers or nearby drivers


Customer Relation Management (CRM)

Take Control & Reduce Errors With a CRM That Does Exactly What You Need. Manage company relationships and interactions with customers and potential customers.

  • Better Knowledge of your customers
  • Better Customer Retention
  • Better and Speedier Communication
  • Customer Relationship as a priority

CRM includes advanced features to provide your customers with a seamless booking experience within the app.

  • Contact Management
    Manage contacts for customers and drivers in one platform
  • Multi-Channel Communication
    Communicate with drivers or passengers via SMS, email, or chat
  • BookingManagement
    Manage and records the bookings
  • Quote Management
    Manage sent or received quotes for the booking
  • Booking Invoice Management
    Manage bookings invoice sent and received
  • Account Manager
    Customers or drivers can manage accounts in one platform and can manage a pipeline of the bookings made
  • Forecasting
    Generate predictions for future sales figures or projected revenue based on past and present data/trends.
  • Workflow Automation
    Automate your booking workflow for customers and drivers for bookings
  • Analytics Report
    Review the report for bookings, payment, customers and drivers in one platform

These are the Must-Have Features for A Taxi Dispatch App in 2021. Get in touch if you need the dispatch app for your taxi business.

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